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Atlanta CityPASS
4.7 / 5
  • Excellent value. Georgia Aquarium was simply outstanding!!...En savoir plus

  • I was visiting ATL and always had in my to do list to visit the aquarium. I looked into the option of CityPASS and discovered there was much more to d...En savoir plus

  • I bought a cityPass as I was on business trip and not sure if I will be able to see most of the attractions and I could visit some luckily and for sur...En savoir plus

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Boston CityPASS
4.6 / 5
  • We saved a lot! It was very easy to use, the places we visited had no problem accepting the city pass. So happy we bought it!...En savoir plus

  • Good deal. All excursions were good. Friendly and knowledgeable staff...En savoir plus

  • We're local to Massachusetts but never spend time in our backyard seeing the sites. Purchased a CityPass in the morning and completed 3 activities - T...En savoir plus

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Chicago CityPASS
4.7 / 5
  • Costo beneficio muy adecuado y NO tuvimos ningun problema con su uso, reservaciones y tiempos de espera en cada una de las atracciones que escogimos. ...En savoir plus


  • I bought my CityPass for Chicago and i made everything i wanted....En savoir plus

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Chicago C3
4.5 / 5
  • It was an incredible time with my boyfriend, we enjoyed a lot and we learned interesting information from the city...En savoir plus

  • I bought it for my two senior citizen parents and myself. It was the best thing we could have done to save money on tours we were already planning on ...En savoir plus

  • So happy we got our CityPASS to explore Chicago. Saved time and money....En savoir plus

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Dallas CityPASS
4.5 / 5
  • I purchased a City Pass after planning a trip to the Perot Museum. Great value! Perfect for family trips!...En savoir plus

  • Great value to visit several Dallas sites. Really enjoyed the George Bush Library at SMU and the Perot Museum....En savoir plus

  • I bought the city pass for a trip we planned in July. It saved us so much money and it also gave us ideas for things to do. I do wish more places part...En savoir plus

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Denver CityPASS
4.6 / 5
  • It was my first time buying a City Pass and it didn't disappointed at all....En savoir plus

  • I bought a city pass for Denver city. I had a fantastic experience in there amusement park as well museums....En savoir plus

  • Easy to use, I would buy again. I would recommend to friends. Attractions are a little expensive do every little bit helps....En savoir plus

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Houston CityPASS
4.5 / 5
  • We used your passes last year and had great fun for our student coming from Honduras to visit Houston and get to know what is here to see....En savoir plus

  • We visited the Space Center, Aquarium, Museum of Natural Science, and Children's museum. Instant delivery for the mobile passes....En savoir plus

  • I bought the city pass me and my wife and we had a great time seeing all the attractions! It is such a great value and so much fun. Highly recommend g...En savoir plus

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New York CityPASS
4.5 / 5
  • The pass was easy to purchase and it was also easy to book attractions online and reschedule, if required. We would recommend buying this pass, but be...En savoir plus

  • I bought cytypads for ma trip in New York very beautiful...En savoir plus

  • Agilizamos filas, esperas y compras de entrada en las principales atracciones...En savoir plus

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New York C3
4.4 / 5
  • Was very easy to use! Ill recommend it to everyone...En savoir plus

  • I bought the city pass and I really enjoy it ..I went to the attractions I wanted for a good price!...En savoir plus

  • Everything very well organized and fair prices. Can’t wait to go back to see the rest of the attractions....En savoir plus

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New York C-All
4.6 / 5
  • Super easy and it was so very nice to skip the lines!...En savoir plus

  • Just click/reserve and go. Easy to use and all 11 attractions were amazing. Worth every penny!...En savoir plus

  • Even if you see half the sights it still pays for itself. Will buy again...En savoir plus

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Orlando CityPASS
4.6 / 5
  • We came over to Florida from the uk for the first time in 4 years. Prices of tickets have gone silly. I found city pass when looking for deals onlin...En savoir plus

  • I bouth the Orlando Universal CityPass and it was a very easy and smooth process. When I needed support due to a mistake, contact was great and very h...En savoir plus

  • Great value! We enjoyed it. And it’s much cheaper than other place....En savoir plus

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Philadelphia CityPASS
4.6 / 5
  • it makes our vacations easier and it's a good price...En savoir plus

  • This year we decided to do a staycation and explore the area near home. I found city pass and it saved our budget! We were able to do 3 of our favorit...En savoir plus

  • We bought the Philadelphia pass and it was the price of just one of the places we went. We also ended up doing things we wouldn’t have known about doi...En savoir plus

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San Antonio CityPASS
4.9 / 5
  • Glad to choose City Pass. This is not the first time in different cities with good rates....En savoir plus

  • It was a great tool to visit several places, museums, riverwalk, tower of the americas...En savoir plus

  • If you plan on going to San Antonio and want to experience the best it has to offer, I highly recommend purchasing the city pass. It will save you a f...En savoir plus

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San Diego CityPASS
4.7 / 5
  • Got the citypass for my family trip. We saved money and enjoyed all the placed included...En savoir plus

  • I have now used CityPASS in two cities (Seattle & San Diego) and have loved it both times. It is incredibly easy to use, has great options and gives y...En savoir plus

  • Great value. Easy to use. Great value. Easy to use. Great value. Easy to use. Great value. Easy to use....En savoir plus

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San Francisco CityPASS
4.7 / 5
  • Fab views from the cruise. Unfortunately did not have time to use for the other attractions...En savoir plus

  • I bought the San Francisco CityPASS and was able to access all the attractions I had paid for without a problem...En savoir plus

  • We bought a City Pass for our trip to San Francisco and it turned out to be a great deal. We were able to enjoy 4 attractions for a great low price. I...En savoir plus

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San Francisco C3
4.5 / 5
  • Second time using CityPass and I’m equally pleased with the ease and overall experience....En savoir plus

  • I bought CITYPASS for my three week trip to San Francisco because I wanted to do a lot and see a lot. But it costs a lot of money sadly. Nevertheless,...En savoir plus

  • Fun activity options available and it was so easy! No need to get timed tickets for most attractions, you just show up and they let you in. Definitely...En savoir plus

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Seattle CityPASS
4.7 / 5
  • It was our first visit to Seattle. We discovered City Pass while looking at attractions. City Pass was easy to purchase and use....En savoir plus

  • We did everything we could and wanted to with the city pass worth its value for sure....En savoir plus

  • I like getting the CityPASS. And even though you need reservations you can reserve for the time that you show up, no hassles....En savoir plus

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Seattle C3
4.5 / 5
  • Seattle is a beautiful place to visit and ppl are very nice...En savoir plus

  • 6 of my Friends planned our trip for a good friends birthday. We booked this tour not knowing what to expect. The tour guy was AMAZING!! He did not di...En savoir plus

  • Worked out great for our trip, glad we brought it!...En savoir plus

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Southern California CityPASS
4.6 / 5
  • A nice savings alternative for large groups. Great buy and great customer service....En savoir plus

  • My friend who lives in California recommended this website. Luckily, we could save almost $15 per person on our tickets to Universal Studios in Hollyw...En savoir plus

  • The process was easy enough, they called to confirm local address info, I received my discounted amusement park tickets and had absolutely no issues u...En savoir plus

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Tampa Bay CityPASS
4.7 / 5
  • It was very convenient and time saving, that's what I will do form no on...En savoir plus

  • Our CityPass was an excellent value for us. We will purchase again when we have an opportunity...En savoir plus

  • we bought a city pass for our family group vacation. Everyone had an excellent time....En savoir plus

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Toronto CityPASS
4.6 / 5
  • Really enjoyed my trip with my best friend saved memories of Toronto...En savoir plus

  • Totalmente facil y ahorrativo. Lo compre en linea y con un QR tuve acceso a las atracciones....En savoir plus

  • It really works! Highly recommended! especially Toronto Zoo, it is amazing !...En savoir plus

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